The PickOne Depalletizing System extends the power of PickOne for mixed depalletizing applications through image scanning and analysis.

Analyzing 2D, 3D and AI data, PickOne determines robot commands at a depalletizing station handling packaging variety and overhangs with ease.



A distribution centre wants to automate incoming pallets loaded with packages of mixed weights and sizes.


How it Works

When pallets are presented to the robot depalletizing station, our proprietary PickOne Perception Kit images the items. The PickOne software analyses the 2D, 3D, and AI data to command the robot how to pick each item. Once the item is placed, PickOne verifies or takes corrective action to ensure the placement was completed successfully.

Plus One Robotics has developed not only the highest throughput solution in the industry, but the highest quality systems as well. By coupling PickOne with Yonder, Plus One Robotics' remote autonomy software, robots can handle the endless variation in warehouse applications by leveraging human intelligence to make critical decisions on the kinds of edge cases that wreak havoc with AI-based solutions alone. This creates a truly fault-tolerant software system that is unprecedented in the materials handling industry.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced operational decision making (with Yonder*)
  • Promote associates from mundane tasks to value-added work
  • Reduce employee turnover by improving job satisfaction
  • Reduce per unit handling cost
  • Increase operator safety by removing repetitive stress injury application
  • Addresses key edge cases

Customer Specifications

  • Cases
  • Boxes
  • Bags
  • Trays


  • Industry-leading pick command processing speed between 250-1000 ms
  • Typical pick rates achieved: 350-600 cases per hour