Case Packing

The PickOne Perception System identifies the pick points of randomly oriented items in a tote and issues robot pick commands. It also verifies placement into the cardboard case.

Yonder digitally links an on-call Crew Chief to the system to intervene in uncertain situations.

Manual Case Packing



A national B2B direct fulfillment company wants to automate their packing lines because they have trouble keeping these positions filled. They fulfill more than 2 million SKUs, so they need a solution capable of handling variety without sacrificing throughput.


How it Works

Totes containing single orders pass through a scan tunnel, which routes them to the packing station with the appropriate robot, gripper, and case size. Upon arrival, PickOne identifies each item and tells the robot how to pick it from the tote and place it in the case.

With millions of SKUs, there are edge cases requiring human intervention. In these situations, PickOne issues a Yonder request to the remote Crew Chief who clicks the correct item on the screen, so the robot can get back to work in seconds. Once packed, the system scans the bar code and releases the case downstream.

Key Benefits

  • Elevates 10 associates per shift to more value-added tasks
  • Reduces turnover by improving job satisfaction
  • Reduces cost per unit by $0.13
  • Increases first pass yield by 6%
  • Reclaims >10,000 sq. ft. floor space from accumulation conveyor

Customer Specifications

  • Product weight: <10 lbs.
  • Product types: Bagged, bubble-wrapped, boxed, canned, sleeved, un-packaged
  • Shipper size: 6" x 8" x 10.5"


  • Net rate: 4+ shippers/min
  • Quality: 98%+