A fully integrated Quick Deployment Kit to pilot your solution.

Applications include: Goods-to-Robot, Order Consolidation, Decanting, Cycle Counting, Singulation, Induction, Order Packing.

How it Works

Custom design takes time. Get started in less than a month with Plus One Robotics’ pre-engineered Quick Deployment Kit (QDK), which is a fully integrated hardware and software solution including perception, manipulation, and intelligence.

Easily deploy a system and eliminate your technical risk. The QDK enables you to test feasibility using Plus One’s software in a variety of applications to achieve your required throughput, quality, and uptime.

The kit is configurable from a menu of market-leading robot and gripper options (refer to figure below). The camera and lighting equipment are adjustable, which means the QDK can be used for a wide range of layouts.

Three QDKs Side by Side


  • Easily deployed
  • Can be delivered in 2 weeks
  • Eliminates technical risk
  • Single vendor responsibility
  • Immediately validates pick rate, quality, and uptime


  • Fully integrated system, including perception, manipulation, and intelligence
  • Designed to be moved into place with standard material handling equipment
  • Preloaded with PickOne and Yonder
  • Configurable to ship with popular robot arms and grippers.
  • Compatible with the following robots:
    • Fanuc M10iA
    • Yaskawa GP12
    • Kuka KR10 1100-2
    • UR10e
    • ABB IRB 1200
  • 3-Mode Gripper than can handle >90 percent of typical items in eCommerce picking environment
  • Camera and lighting are hand adjustable for a wide range of layouts
  • Includes integrated scanner-based safety

Deploy it with the QDK.

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