We’ll handle it with the PickOne Perception System.

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How it Works

The PickOne Perception System identifies the pick points of parcels in an accumulation chute and sends the points to your robot. The robot arm picks and places each parcel onto an induction conveyor.

PickOne verifies placement and addresses errors by issuing robot commands to reposition errant parcels. PickOne calls for more parcels from the infeed when the chute is empty.

Key Benefits

  • Picks from a cluttered pile of mixed parcels (boxes, padded mailers, etc.)
  • Generates pick commands much faster than alternatives
  • Short latency means robot can pick parcels that are jostling

Additional Benefits

  • Improved customer service driven by predictable sortation accuracy
  • Cost savings: reduction in downstream verification and return handling


Example Application

Customer Specifications

  • Parcel types: boxes, padded mailers
  • Parcel weight: <10 lbs.
  • Parcel size: 6”– 24” (longest edge)
  • Parcel height: 0.25” minimum


  • Net rate: 25+ parcels/min
  • Quality: 98%+

*Subject to layout and conditions

PickOne Implementation Diagram
PickOne Perception System Example Implementation (Technical specifications subject to change without notice)

Example Implementation

Automated mixed parcel singulation system composed of (refer to figure above):

  • Accumulation chute
  • Industrial robot arm
  • Vacuum gripper
  • PickOne Perception System

Additional Options

  • Larger/heavier parcels
  • Conveyor tracking
  • Other robots/NC machines
  • Flipper control

What Plus One Delivers

  • PickOne software license
    • One USB license key per robot
  • Industrial PC
    • PickOne software pre-installed
  • Sensor Kits x2
    • 2D/3D sensor
    • USB Cables
    • Mounting hardware
  • Sensor calibration target
  • Shipping case
  • Field installation service labor*
  • Technical support

*Travel charged separately

Additional Features

PickOne software is compatible with all major robot manufacturers including ABB, Denso, Fanuc, Kuka, and Yaskawa Motoman.