CheckOne delivers critical throughput data to enable better decision making for logistics.

Applications include: induction QA and sizing.

How it Works

CheckOne is a stand-alone system that mounts over standard induction conveyors. It can be installed in less than a day without interrupting normal operation. CheckOne makes it easy to know what is working best.

Powered by 3D perception software developed by Plus One Robotics, CheckOne is a game changer—a low-cost alternative to traditional high-precision dimensioning and barcode reading systems for automated sorter induction applications.

CheckOne monitors and reports the quality of each induction event. Monitoring these quality and throughput statistics on each induction lane drives down costs per unit, and provides the crucial data to drive process improvements and make informed staffing decisions.


  • Increase first pass yield
  • Improve parcel traceability
  • Reduce operator training time through instant reinforcement
  • Reduce per unit handling cost by eliminating mis-shipments and return handling
  • Improve customer service driven by predictable sortation accuracy
  • Install in a single day without interrupting normal operation
  • Optimize induction staffing


  • Verify singles/multiples
  • Verify correct induction angle
  • Verify barcode readability
  • Measure L x W x H (+/- 0.5″)
  • Log quality statistics with time/date stamp
  • Reports success percentage, singles percentage, barcode read rate percentage, trigger count, average throughput, and last record


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