We’ve been laying the groundwork for Plus One over the past decade.


Erik Nieves, as Technology Director for Yaskawa Motoman Robotics (2nd largest industrial robot OEM), maps robotics development horsepower in the Americas. He notes that ROS is emerging everywhere.


Shaun Edwards, Visiting Researcher at Willow Garage, develops software for the first industrial robot controlled with the simple_message protocol, later to become ROS-Industrial.


With the team at SwRI, Shaun launches the ROS-I repository, and Paul Hvass launches the ROS-I Consortium.


ROS-Industrial emerges at the Automate Conference in Chicago with a 3D vision-driven robotic picking demonstration. Erik is a presenter at the inaugural meeting of the ROS-Industrial Consortium and becomes the member representative to the Consortium for Yaskawa Motoman Robotics.


Shaun leads a parcel singulation research project; an e-commerce company is interested. The ROS-I Consortium Europe launches. Erik participates with NASA on RROXITT to use remote human-in-the-loop control for satellite servicing.


Paul and Shaun develop the PickOne Perception system. Yaskawa sponsors three teams at the Amazon Picking Challenge in Seattle. Paul wins SA Business Journal’s Tech Flash Titan, Technology Researcher award.


Erik founds Plus One Robotics Inc. Shaun Edwards joins as co-founder. Paul continues work with the ROS-Industrial Consortium, helping to launch the ROS-Industrial Asia-Pacific Consortium. Bill Kitchel joins as CFO.


Plus One begins to tell the world about the power of supervised autonomy. Shaun participates in the winning proposal resulting in the ARM Institute, where Shaun continues involvement as Director of Open Source Software. Paul joins Plus One as co-founder.


PickOne v1.0 released. Plus One emerges from stealth mode.